Transdisciplinary Education Program on Resilience Engineering

Transdisciplinary Education Program on Resilience Engineering

Message from the faculty

Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo started Transdisciplinary Education Program on Resilience Engineering, which is the first trans-department education program, in April 2013. In collaboration among multiple departments, this program aims at educating talents who have acquired expertise on resilience engineering as well as comprehensive views to make a career in various domains.

The notion of probabilistic risk has contributed greatly to the improvement of safety and security of society so far. As the scale and the complexity of sociotechnical systems have increased and technologies have been tightly coupled with society, people have recognized that the conventional approaches for risk management are insufficient. New approaches for risk management are now desired in various domains, in particular, having experienced the Lehman shock and the Tohoku Earthquake.

From the above background, the notion of resilience is now drawing attention of researchers and practitioners. Resilience is the intrinsic ability of a system to absorb impacts of internal or external disturbances added to the system so that it can sustain the requested functionality or can recover rapidly from damages under both expected and unexpected conditions. Resilience engineering is a field of study where principles and methodologies for realizing such resilient sociotechnical systems are to be sought.

Resilience includes not only the responsiveness to abrupt disasters or crises but also the ability of a system to adapt itself to long-term environmental changes for survival. It is also an issue of resilience engineering, for instance, how an enterprise can continue innovation and keep competitiveness under changing social and economic environment.

Even though each department in Graduate School of Engineering will provide professional education in a separate domain, resilience engineering requires more transdisciplinary views and specialties. Professors from the related departments collaboratively provide this program for educating those who are familiar with resilience engineering so that they are welcomed from society for the ability to resolve realistic issues in complex society. We believe that this program is helpful for you to make a successful career.

Curriculum and how to take the course

The curriculum consists of compulsory and selective subjects. Two subjects that teach the fundamentals common to every application domain of resilience engineering are compulsory: Advanced Lecture on Resilience Engineering and Resilience Engineering Project. The selective subjects are classified into the following three groups.

Fundamental principles of resilience engineering: conceptual or fundamental principles independent of application domains, and base technologies for realizing resilient systems.
Practical methods of resilience engineering: concrete and practical methodologies for applying the principles of resilience engineering to particular application domains.
Social science for resilience engineering: transdisciplinary areas including social science required for resolving real issues in complex society.

Credit requirements
It is required to take more than 14 credits for qualification including four credits of the compulsory subjects and more than ten credits of the selective subjects (more than two credits from each of the three groups). These credits in parallel can cover the credit requirements of the department where each student belongs.
Enrolment to the program
Those who want to be enrolled to the program have to fill in and submit an enrolment form to the department office of Systems Innovation by the assigned due date. Enrolment to each subject is also necessary following the standard enrolment procedure of Graduate School of Engineering.
Credit approval
Grading and credit approval are to be done separately for each subject.
The program will qualify those who have been enrolled and satisfied the credit requirements with a diploma of Transdisciplinary Education Program on Resilience Engineering.


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